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This website was created for Canadian physicians, especially learners, to highlight useful information you may need about family planning in a medical career

Where do I start?

We understand that family planning in a medical career can be overwhelming. It can be hard to know who to talk to or where to start. We hope to provide you the support you need. Check through some of our resources below.

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Medicine & Fertility

The ability to have genetically-related children is very dependent on a female's age. Male age may also be important. We have included some important information about fertility that may help inform your planning.


Stages of Training

Starting a family may look differently depending on which stage of training you are in. Read through some of the advantages and considerations based on the advice from many other physicians.

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Financial Considerations

Learn how much having a child costs, what your salary will be as a trainee and what your salary will be as a staff. You'll also find childcare considerations and fertility treatment costs. 

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The information in this website is applicable to Canadian medical students, residents and fellows. 

We recognize that medical trainees have diverse gender identities and have made a conscious effort to use gender-inclusive language. If the word "woman" is used, we are intending to describe individuals whose sex assigned at birth was female. For consistency purposes, we have kept some language as is described by the organization we have referred to (i.e. "maternity" leave is the term used by the Canadian government, but refers to leave for the birthing parent). We are committed to updating this language as is appropriate to make sure everyone feels seen and included. 

We also recognize that medical trainees from all gender identities may want to be or can be parents. There is research surrounding the experience of females in medicine, but there is a lot less research surrounding parents in medicine as a whole. Our goal is to support all medical trainees, regardless of gender.

Have Questions? Feedback?

Is there a question you've been dying to ask but you don't see it here? Please reach out - we are happy to help find an answer ! 

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