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Parental Leave as a Medical Student

Our team has curated resources for students considering a parental leave during medical school below.

Differing Policies

Each medical school will have different parental leave procedures. All schools are receptive to discussion of parental leave with each trainee on an individual basis.

 We have included links to all the available information by school below. It is important to remember that each school may change the terms of parental leave in the future so they may continue to improve!

Important Considerations

Length of Leave

Schools may have specific lengths of leave defined (i.e. 1 year). This may change depending on whether you are in your pre-clerkship or clerkship years.

CaRMS Match

You are eligible to participate in the CaRMS match provided that you will have obtained a medical degree by July of that year. 

Leave Policy

Some schools may have a specific policy for parental leave while others may include parental leave in their general leave policy.

If you have specific questions, contact ...

Each medical school has a wellness association, career mentors or school administration that you should be able to reach out to with specific questions. 

I'm about to go on parental leave, what should I do?

  • Read more about your rights and the leave policies according to your school below

  • Find out if your school's undergraduate medical education department has any additional resources and/or requirements 

  • Plan when you may speak to your program about scheduling your leave, the length of leave and rotations that you may have before and after leave 

Parental Leave Details or Contacts

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