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Governmental Support

There are both federal and provincial supports available to Canadian parents. We have summarized these below. 

Types of Support Available

Childcare Tax Benefits

There are child tax benefits available at both the federal and provincial level. In some cases, the provincial funds are separate from the federal funds whereas others are combined into a single monthly payment. These are tax-free monthly payments made to families within specified income brackets to help cover the costs of raising a child/children. Please click on the links below to find out if you are eligible to receive these benefits, when and how to apply, and how much you may be eligible for.  

Childcare subsidies

Childcare subsidies are available to parents/guardians who are employed, looking for work, enrolled as a student, or have a child with special needs. These subsidies are calculated based on your combined household income. The child must be enrolled in a licensed program. Ages of children who are eligible vary within regions so please check the links below to find out what is available for you. Most programs require a thorough assessment and may include an appointment with a childcare subsidy caseworker. There is a waitlist, so applying as soon as possible can be helpful (as soon as you know you are pregnant or starting the adoption process). There are also municipal programs in some provinces such as Ontario, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, but redirection to those can be found within the links below.  ​

Useful Links 


Disclaimer:  The information provided below is subject to change and is updated frequently. Please ensure the information you are accessing is up to date.  


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