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Locum Coverage

Arranging a locum to cover your practice while you are on leave can be a daunting process. There are resources available to you.

Where do I start?


Seek out Resources

If you are a member of the OMA, resources can be found under "Practice and Professional Support." HealthForce Ontario also has resources here. Members of other provincial associations will likely have access to similar resources.

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Create your Advertisement

Provide as much information as possible to make it easy for the locums browsing postings. Some websites or print publications that you advertise with will have specifications. Details that you should consider in your postings are located here.

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Seek out Mentors

Consider reaching out to colleagues within your field or within your city to find out what resources they were able to access. Be sure to ask them to add you to Facebook groups that may be relevant to you.

Signing Contract

Interview your locums and Sign a Contract

Interview Questions for locums can be found here. Sign a contract that includes scheduling details, payment arrangements, conflict resultion and available resources. Your provincial association may have templates and may be able to review the contract with you. You should also consider independent legal counsel.

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Find out where you can post locum positions

There may practice-specific, city-specific, specialty-specific options for you. Talk to people around you to find out how you can access these. General resources are listed here.


Plan your Handoff

Arrange a time to meet your locum, ideally in your clinic or practice location, to handover your practice

Where can you post a locum opportunity?

What should be included in a
locum job posting?

  • Start and end date

  • Number of hours/days per week

  • Duration and circumstances

  • Practice expectations, hospital duties, on-call requirements 

  • Compensation, including overhead split, on-call stipends and/or daily guarantees

  • Size and location of practice

  • Scope of Practice

  • Arrangements for travel and accomodation

  • Other physicians present in the practice 

  • Flexibility to meet locum needs

  • Attractions in the community 

  • Access to diagnostic and treatemtn resources 

  • Type of EMR

  • Your contact information

  • Your availability and access

Interview Questions

Your main goal is to ensure that your locum is comfortable with the breath of your practice and aware of the expected clinical duties and call requirements

  • Can you provide your CV along with 2-3 references? 

  • Are you fully licensed (in the appropriate province) and in good standing? Please provide your license number

  • Is your CMPA up-to-date?

  • Are you registered with CCFP or RCPSC?

  • What are your expectations in regards to accomodation and travel?

  • Are there any patient care issues or procedures you would like to avoid?

  • Will you be bringing your family with you for the locum period?

  • Do you have ACLS/ATLS/PALS requirements for the practice setting?

  • Are you willing to provide in-patient and/or long-term care services?

  • Are you interested in Emergency Department shifts?

  • Do you agree to the overhead/income split?

  • Are you doing locums as a means to explore full-time practice opportunities/locations?

  • Would you like a tour of the community?

  • Would you like a list of leisure/athletic/culture amenities int he community

  • Do you have any special needs or interests you would like information on? 

Planning your Handoff

Adapted from OMA resource

  • Ensure you have a copy of the Locum's CPSO license to practice and CMPA coverage 

  • Sign any appropriate MOH forms (i.e. adding a locum to FHO)

  • Add your locum to your EMR

  • Determine billing arrangements (i.e. group billing) and set this up

  • Meet at your office to review the use of the EMR, meet the staff, show the layout of the exam rooms, review location of the supplies and identify referral forms

  • Share clinic policies

  • Prepare a list of patients/cases that your locum will need to follow up on

  • Verify insurance coverage with your broker for business insurance purposes

  • Show locum where they will park

  • Prepare a list of common specialists to refer to 

  • Provide contact information for back-up physician in case they need advice

  • Prepare to schedule longer appointments for your locum

  • Schedule overlapping days to ease the transition

  • Provide a feedback form

What if you cannot find a locum?

If you are unable to find a locum, you may need to close your practice. You can find guidance on how to do so with CMPA or your provincial association (i.e. OMA or CPSO)

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