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Parental Leave as a Practicing Physician

Parental leave support is available for practising physicians, a detail that many medical trainees were not aware of!

Important Considerations

The following are specific considerations for practicing physicians.

Calculate Savings

Your lifestyle and thus your financial plan will likely change as you transition from medical trainee to practicing physician. You will want to take this into consideration when planning a parental leave. You may want to reach out to a financial advisor.


Depending on the length of your leave and the design of your job, you may need to arrange a locum to cover your clinical duties. Your job may also arrange this coverage for you.

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Self-Employed or Employee

Your eligibility for EI benefits will change depending on whether you are self-employed or salaried. In the first few months as a staff, you are eligible for EI as you have paid into this as a resident/fellow. If you are incorporated, you may be able to smooth your income. If you are self-employed, you can apply to pay into EI

Finding a Mentor

Finding a mentor in your specialty and/or desired location of practice may be helpful to understand specific considerations. 

Parental Leave Support by Province

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