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PARO Policies

As advocates from the University of Toronto, we have chosen to highlight the resources available in Ontario through PARO.

PARO Policies

The Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO) is the official representative voice for doctors in training in Ontario. They advocate for resident issues and campaign for changes to the labour contract. The PARO contract defines duty hours, benefits, time off and more for residents in Ontario. Below we've highlighted important sections of the contract that cover various aspects of family planning. This should only be used as a guide and we encourage all residents to read the entire PARO contract which can be found here. This page only contains relevant information for Ontario resident physicians, but we hope to expand to other provinces soon. 

Pregnancy & Parental Leave

  • Must provide 4 weeks notice of intent to take parental leave to program

  • Birthing parent - Up to 17 weeks of consecutive pregnancy leave PLUS 35 weeks of standard parental leave 

  • Up to 61 weeks parental leave if the resident took pregnancy leave, and up to 63 weeks parental leave if they did not take pregnancy leave. Can start parental leave up to 78 weeks after the child is born or comes into custody.

Standard Leave: 35 weeks at 55% average weekly earnings

Extended Leave: 61 weeks at 33% average weekly earnings

Employment Insurance Top Up: 15 weeks pregnancy and 12 weeks parental leave top up if worked at least 600 insurable hours in past year

Duty Hours

  • No further on-call duties after 27 weeks gestation


  • All benefits continue while on leave

  • Breast pump coverage up to $300

  • Common fertility medications used in elective egg freezing and fertility treatments covered (100%)

Return to Work

20.1: Residents are able to work on a part-time basis with reduction in salary

21.5: A resident returning from leave will advance to the next PGY level as if the resident had not been on leave, unless the program director believes the resident requires additional training.

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